Brains and Bottles

Whether you’re looking for that perfect wine tasting event, hosting an intimate party, or want to have a little extra fun at home zBar can help you set the stage for a great evening.

zBar helps you create a unique atmosphere for any event.

What do sex and alcohol have in common?

It’s not what you think!

Most of us don’t know enough about either. So, we can really help you with one problem while you take care of the other.

Whether you are organizing a wedding, party, corporate event, or you want to have a cocktail night with friends or that special someone, zBar is the place to go!

zBar makes you a sudden expert and takes your experience to another level. So, we have that covered!

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Easy. Fun. Educational.

Download the app, get all the info you need to pick the best liquor for the occasion, sit back and relax.


Sommelier-Type Service

Tasting notes and recommendations.

Cocktail Recipes

Make a cocktail like a pro.


Stress-free, simple, fast, and efficient way to order a cocktail.

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